Journey to Fate’s doorstep: the City of Glass

The interesting fact about the City of Glass is that it is encapsulated under a large glass dome sitting on top a bed of glacier ice in the middle of the Sea of Light. Under the dome there is air and natural gravity for walking with specific areas intentionally underwater. Creatures either walk if they have legs or swim through the air thanks to the surrounding magic.

The Drow’s Bane arrive at a common port of entry at the city’s edge. Lines of creatures wait for registration into the city; an unfamiliar language, Aquan, fills their ears. Nong appears to understand the unfamiliar language and translates for the group. It takes them a few hours to weave through the lines eventually making their way to the registration patrol; registration consists of identity specification, bag inspection and stowing all weapons until city exit. The group is quick on their toes and successfully distracts the Locathah patrol guard enough to allow Naismith to secretly stow a dagger and Nong to hide the wand; all other weapons are confiscated.

The patrol guard hands them a map of the city and says, “Please enjoy this week’s Bubbles and Baubles festival all throughout the city. Experienced, guides are available through these doors.” Royce, Naismith, Mordrock and Nong exit registration and enter the city. They take in the immense space, breathe in the air and acclimate to the mood lighting across the city; their eyes affix to the bubbles of all shapes and sizes that rise up through the air, popping as they reach the glass dome way above the city. In response, cheers and fireworks can be heard throughout.

A string of guides rush the party and a kuatoa named Suggi lands the job. Suggi escorts them immediately to the shopping districts explaining how everything they desire is within reach in the City of Glass; what they also realize is that everything is far more expensive than Waterdhavian prices. Exotic glowing materials, beautiful corals and seaweed silks adorn the walkways up and down the markets they pass through; merfolk, sea elf and kuatoa vendors call out to them ready to bargain and haggle for everything the Drow’s Bane’s eyes glimpse in wonder.

The party spends time buying weapons and equipment suitable for underwater trouble. Naismith inquires about magic items for sale but pauses when he hears the price for a magic dagger, “Sorry but I don’t think I can do that price.” The merfolk vendor responds in Aquan then suddenly switches to Common, “You buy both and I’ll cut the total by ten thousand gold. Two magic daggers for fifty thousand gold is a deal my friend. No where else can you get such a deal, come on!” Suggi jumps in and pushes the party forward recognizing the situation tensing up.

“Suggi where do you suggest we lodge for the night?” says Mordrock.
“The Laughing Seahorse in the Flow District is the best place. Tell them Suggi sent you,” replies Suggi, “In fact, let me take you there.”
Royce looks Suggi up and down and is convinced Suggi says that to everyone he helps. Nong approaches Suggi next, “Suggi, can you take us to the Fathomless Caves or Trench of Death? We need to get there as soon as possible,” explains Nong in a serious tone.
Suggi looks up at Nong and begins to step back from him shaking his head, “That’s not my line of business Mr. Orc, if you want guidance to those places try the ‘Shark Tooth’ in the Tide district.”
“Can you take us there?” responds Nong.
“Uhhh,” pauses Suggi, “I will take you to the street where it is located but I will not go any further. That’s a seedy location and dangerous! Beware of the warehouse district!”

After Suggi escorts them to where the Laughing Seahorse is located in the Flow district, he requests payment for his guidance; the party pays him his fee and a tip. Suggi relaxes a bit and then agrees to escort the party to the Tide district, “Okay let’s go,” says Suggi pocketing the gold. The Drow’s Bane pick up their pace and head toward the Shark Tooth. Along the way, they pass a beautiful female triton dressed in robes who catches Royce’s eye, while she focuses on the Tempus insignia across his armor; she looks him in the eye and smiles. Royce in passing, returns the glance but cannot recall what or who this creature is. “Who’s that?” says Naismith. “I don’t know,” responds Royce. They continue onward passing into the Tide district and notice the scenery change as they move deeper into the district.

Naismith sees Skullport in many of the shadows, dilapidated warehouses and sketchy looking creatures standing or swimming about. Mordrock glances toward Suggi who appears to be shaking a bit, maybe from fear. “There down that street is the Shark Tooth,” points Suggi still shaking a bit, who bows before them and quickly turns around and runs back to safety.

The party looks down the shadowy lane to see near the end, a four story stone building marked on its side with black and red streaks that resemble blood; the metal sign above the large front doors reads, “Shark Tooth,” in Aquan. Nong points toward the building, “The sign reads ‘Shark Tooth’,” and begins to walk down the lane. As the Drow’s Bane approach closer they hear from within, lots of loud shouts, growls and grunts over a continual tribal music beat.