About the Dorky Dungeoneer

On this humble blog you’ll find a variety of posts concerning the adventures of a group of strangers who, by sharing time and chance, became friends.

What started as a collection of session summaries and narratives based on actual play week-to-week has now grown to include more DM’s advice, reflections on how to deal when a session goes pear-shaped, and discussion/reviews of new and interesting things that have everything to do with rolling dice and are not dungeons and/or dragons.

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Out of the Abyss

Sometimes this group was known as Drow’s Bane. They met after being invited to see a play, got to know each other in the merciless gloom of a Drow prison and eventually they would go on to do great things. As heroes of the realm these people now live in luxury. They get wined, dined, anointed and serenaded. Surely it is time for them to grow soft about the waist and let their blades grow dull. Or is it?

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Journey to Fate’s Doorstep

Read the campaign prelude.

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Curse of Strahd

Other times, this group traveled namelessly. It was coincidence that brought them to a table at an inn, a letter that piqued their interest and impenetrable, eerie mists that forced them to stay the course when turning back seemed the wiser option. From where they went, no one ever returns. Or so they say, at least.

Meet the characters.

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Dungeon Master’s Advice

There are also posts here that aren’t stories. The group has a number of very capable Dungeon Masters, some of whom have felt compelled to pick up a pen and share their insights. Maybe these posts can serve as a counterpoint to the free-spirited retellings of the group’s adventures, or maybe they serve as inspiration for a journey that your own strangers-grown-to-friends may one day make. Consider carefully if you want to read these posts: you may learn more than you wanted.

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Read about Curse of Strahd.

And Beyond…

We don’t just play D&D. Despite some evidence to the contrary, there is more to tabletop RPGs than just Dungeons and Dragons, and we are always exploring new and different ways to roll funny-shaped dice together.